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CSB-3006-BLK Soundbar Speaker Bracket CSB-3006 Soundbar Speaker Bracket CSB-1205-BLK Ultraslim Bracket CSB-1205-BLK Ultraslim Bracket CSB-2-1205-BLK Ultraslim Speaker Bracket CSB-0505-BLK Satellite Bracket CSB-1206-BLK Small Bracket CSB-1210-BLK Large Bracket

Here's what Center Stage Bracket does

Center Stage Brackets allow you to mount center channel speakers, Sound bars, and other components up on top of flat-panel televisions. Center Stage Brackets are easy to assemble and install and do not require the user to make holes in the wall or fasten the bracket to the television. Simply assemble the bracket, place it on top of the TV, and then place the center channel speaker or Soundbar speaker on top of the LCD, Plasma or LED television. Placing center channel speakers and Soundbars on the TV is an aesthetically pleasing option that also improves sound quality of any entertainment system by mounting the Soundbar speaker or center channel speaker above the TV elevating and enhancing the sound.

Center Stage Brackets come in a variety of sizes and weights to accommodate placing a variety of components and speakers above your television/TV. So if you're looking to go "over the top" with your TV and speaker system then one of our brackets may be perfect for you.

  • Mount
  • Optimized positioning and performance for your peripherals
  • No drilling or modifications required
  • Easy to install
  • Low profile design
  • Universally mountable


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